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The Snoozy Sleep Journey

Knowing I am the right fit for you and your family.

Sleep training is, in my opinion, one of the most emotive topics in the parenting community. So, when building my business, I knew at the heart of everything needed to be complete transparency on my approach to sleep training, so you can make an informed decision on whether I am the right fit for you and your family.


A healthy and age appropriate day time routine is always a precursor to a good night’s sleep; so, the first part of my service is to work with you to look at what is happening in the day. The next step is looking at factors concerning night-time such as bedtime routine, sleep hygiene, emotional connection, where your child sleeps and how they fall asleep. Then I encourage you to share any thoughts or concerns you may have, as ultimately you are the person who knows your family best and therefore the only person who can make the final decision. I take a holistic approach to your sleep situation and respect ​your families individuality.

I can't promise you that the solution will be instant or that your child will 'sleep through the night'. But, what I can promise you, is that we will find sleep solutions that work for you and your family and are developmentally appropriate for your child.



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Parents Recommend

Rebecca L.

"I followed the schedule to the minute and she slept 7-7 without waking once!! This has never happened!! I do not know what to do with myself after a whole nights sleep, thank you so much!"

Rochelle K.

"Our afternoons are a complete success! I can't begin to describe how much easier life is now that I know what times his naps are. We are also seeing huge improvements at night time, he slept from 10.30pm - 3.30am before waking for a feed which is completely manageable now I am getting more sleep. Thank you so much!!"

Laura B.

"Emily thank you so much for the help you have given my family. We have a few things left to work on but I know now I can do it, especially with the tools you have given me. The sleep plan is so easy to follow and I love how I can move things around a bit to suit my family and day to day life. Your advice is appreciated by me and so many others, so thank you again"

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